Is walker safe for babies ?

is walker is safe for babies

Is a walker safe for babies Can you imagine the speed of the walker could reach 60 km/h?
It’s so fast and it’s almost impossible for a parent to match that speed.
Increase the risk of injury to the child.
The walker will hit the wall and reach the surrounding area. The walker can reach the ladder and injure the baby.
This increases the chances of injury as the child will not be controlled and the child will reach the area which is not accessible by him.
That’s why many countries have already banned walkers.
Injury is the most important reason for not using a baby walker.

What is the study?
Many studies are saying that it is actually harmful
Because the baby sits with this foot running, it will not help him learn to walk.

Will it help me learn to walk faster?

Many parents believe that the baby walker will help the baby to walk faster,
But this is not true.
Because the baby sits in the baby walker with the legs bent and bending the legs will push the walker
Due to which it will harm the child.

correct method:
What do you have to do to help the child walk?
You have to keep in mind that you have to follow the normal developmental process.

As the baby grows, he cradles his head before the back he will sit and Thigh muscles than he will crawl so he can balance.
Then follow the normal developmental process And let the baby stabilize his back and thigh muscles then start training for walking.
You can do assisted walking. let the child stand on the furniture and put some toys on top of the furniture so that the child tries to pick up those toys.

He will take some forward, side steps, and back steps and this will develop the child’s walking.
This is a great way to develop baby walking.
So the assisted walking is much more exhilarating than the walker.
Still, if you are not convinced and you want to buy a walker then you
I can buy the walker given below. avoid long playtime in a walker.

PANDA Creation Adjustable Musical Walker

This walker has a wider base and is slightly heavier than older walkers and has good support. This walker comes with an animal theme walker cum play table which is provided music for kids.

Walker comes with a comfortable seat for the baby which supports the baby thigh also backrest provided, colorful walker has toddler toys rattles.

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